Extra Curricular

“Sing To The Lord A New Song”

Bethlehem Lutheran School has long been highly regarded for its instrument and voice opportunities at all grade levels. Children sing praise to their Savior and Creator on a daily basis in the classroom, weekly chapel, and 2 choirs made up of grades 1-4 and grades 5-8. The choirs sing of God’s glory on a regular basis in weekly congregational worship services. In addition, a spring musical provides additional voice performance along with stage acting.

Musical instrument instruction covers a wide range of choices including all band areas, strings, bells/chimes, and guitar. 5th graders start with beginning band and move to the 6th-8th grade advanced band that produces exceptional music to the ear. Children also can receive string instrument instruction in Kindergarten and continue through 8th grade as well as after-school guitar lessons.Bell and chime groups begin in 4th grade and their beautiful sounds help to enhance chapel and worship services at Bethlehem.

Advanced Band, upper grade choir, bells, as well as individual and small group voice and instrument competitions consistently receive top ratings at the annual LutheranSchool’s Music Festival.

Most students carry their musical talents on to their high schools because of the love for music instilled in them during their years at Bethlehem.

Sports / Physical Education / Health
“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in good health.” 3 John 1:2

The main goal of Bethlehem’s Athletic, P.E., and Health Education programs is to help students learn and apply Christian principles to lead healthy, active lives. Being physically active and developing healthy eating habits has been and continues to be a key component in the entire program. In sports and P.E., students learn how to deal with success as well as failure and develop character traits such as responsibility, leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and self control. This will hopefully lead to a lifelong enjoyment of sports and recreational activities, and help them remain healthy throughout life with physical activity. The programs also stimulate great school spirit without compromising respect toward others.

Bethlehem competes in the 15 school Tri-county Lutheran League in Girl’s volleyball, Coed Soccer, and Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball. Girls also have cheerleading and/or Pom squads and there is an extensive track program culminating in a state track meet. There is a no-cut policy to allow maximum participation. In addition, skills camps are conducted during the school year for lower grades in both basketball and volleyball.

Our full time Physical Education / Health instructor provides weekly Health education covering such areas as nutritioun, hygiene, safety, substance use/abuse, and critical social and emotional age level topics.  All topics are interwoven with God’s love as our creator and sustainer and each one’s role as temples of His goodness and gracious care.