Sydney (2nd grade)
I like my school because you can learn about Jesus. My school can help people. My school has healthy options for breakfast and lunch. I like my school you can meet new friends.

The Weiss Family – 2012
Our family thanks God for Bethlehem Lutheran School! Our three children have been attending the school since preschool and kindergarten. Our boys are thriving academically, physically, and spiritually as they develop a great love for Christ and learn to share it with others. Each teacher, pastor, and support staff member is an excellent role model.  What goes on inside the school is truly God’s work. Families looking for a quality Christ based education could not find a more dedicated group of leaders to help them shape God’s children into the adults they are to become. 

Cade (5th grade)
I like my school because of the teachers. The teachers are fun, creative, awesome, smart, and believers in God. Also I like the computer classes because I get to learn about computers. My favorite thing is worshipping our great God.

The Matwijiw Family – 2012
Bethlehem Lutheran School has truly been a blessing to our family. We had just moved to Saginaw when our daughter needed to start Preschool. We knew no one in the area, let alone the entire state of Michigan! I knew immediately Bethlehem would be a great fit for my daughter. Usually shy and a bit guarded, she felt right at home in the classroom and with her teachers. We were welcomed with open arms and it wasn’t long for all of us to feel like part of the Bethlehem family! Everyone truly watches out and takes care of one another. My husbands work assignment will be coming to a close in a year and we will be off to our next destination. The memories we’ve made here at Bethlehem and the special friends we’ve met will be held close to our hearts for a lifetime.

Ben (Bethlehem 8th grade Graduate-2012)
I like Bethlehem because you can make friends easily. You can walk up to anybody and talk to them, and they will be nice to you. I also like Bethlehem because you have teachers that push you to work hard and teach you extra, so that you will be prepared when you go to high school. They don’t give up on you and keep pushing you until you learn it and know it. It is a fun, relaxing place where people are kind towards you and aren’t prejudiced in any way.